The main areas targeted by this department are related to social inclusion, socio-economic equality, combating poverty and inequality, community development and education.


• Dissemination activities: conferences, media programs, magazine CIOS, etc .;
• Mobilizing community resources and channeling them to the needs identified in the community, thereby improving quality of life;
• Active involvement of community members in the process of change that aims to a „greater good of the community”;
• Building partnerships through power structures and working with local leaders and community members for collective problem solving;
• Development of web portals with profile information and free advice offered to individuals and organizations;
• Organizing seminars, conferences, study tours and other learning events or cooperation at home and abroad;
• Performs management activities and financing partnerships with community organizations for their development, according to the development strategy;
• Provides adequate information, discussion and feedback between various actors involved in the project: community organizations, funders, program implementation team, initiative groups;
• Preparing funding proposals and narrative reports on activities carried out within the projects;
• Participate in actions of fundraising, communication and evaluation of the program.
Oana-Adriana Crişan coordinates this department.