Research, Development and Innovation
The role of the department is to initiate and to develop scientific research and innovation, in the CIOS’s fields of interest, publication and dissemination of results, and organizational capacity building.


• Follows and identifies funding schemes for both research and innovation and for CIOS’s capacity building projects.
• Identifies new solutions for existing problems and develops applications for funding schemes.
• Monitors the development of the research and innovation processes taking place at CIOS.
• Makes proposals to the CIOS’s Coordination Council regarding the strategy for support and promotion of the scientific results’ publication in the main journals in the field, as well as for the presentation of results in the main conferences in the field.
• Assures that the research topics are aligned to the mainstream, as well as to the frontier research topics in the CIOS’s interest fields.
• Facilitates innovational ideas development within CIOS and the research activities for their development.
• Makes proposals for the organizational development of CIOS.
Oana Alina Ciomoş coordinates this department.