Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development aims to identify and solve the environmental problems communities are facing, especially by exploiting and maximizing the potential of technological innovation and thus creating sustainable solutions for this problems.


• Organizes daily activities of the department and interns;
• Monitor and analyze opportunities for the NGO sector and for the department;
• Follows the launch of funding schemes for the sector of environmental protection and sustainable development;
• Analyzes requests for funding proposals and submit claim forms in accordance with the specific provisions for each call;
• Develops projects in environmental protection and sustainable development;
• Coordinate the implementation of projects launched within the department;
• Participates in activities within CIOS on starting projects (planning, monitoring procedures, communication with project partners and various institutions, participation in workshops, seminars, symposium, workshops, public discussions, public campaigns, reports activity);
• Initiates awareness campaigns and actions of the population on environmental protection and sustainable development;
• Develops / drafts studies, articles, papers and expert reports on selected research topics ;
• Promotes collaboration, partnerships projects started in CIOS with universities, institutions, research units in-country and abroad;
• Maintains and develop relationships with target groups, partners and relevant authorities;
• Promotes and disseminate nationally and internationally CIOS projects by organizing conferences, debates, round tables and publications in journals of results.
Carmen Cristorean is curently the coordinator of this department.