The Center for Innovation and Organizational Sustainability - CIOS is a non-governmental, independent organization, founded in 2012, under the initiative of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.
CIOS proposes the present framework structure, founded on the classical model of a center focused on innovation and organizational development, but, also, offering opening towards sectors connected to the optimum processes of sustainable development.
CIOS also aims to contribute to the community’s development and to the increase of the quality of human life standards, through:
• A higher level of development and improvement of the competent human resources;
• Stimulation of the jobs creation, even by and for the young graduates in which the community has already invested a significant amount of its resources and of the social inclusion, through the development and promotion of the entrepreneurship and the strengthening of the entrepreneurial culture;
• Attracting and retaining young people within the Romanian economic space;
• Stimulation of domestic economic growth through the infusion of professionals, adapted to the new requirements of the contemporary realities, with regard to:
- theoretical and practical education;
- professional experience;
- civic consciousness (the understanding, the awareness and the responsibilities regarding the values and goals of today's world);
- initiatives to reform the community’s, the national and the European space;
- motivation in the creative act of work.
Starting 2016, the Center for Innovation and Organizational Sustainability changed its logo.
The new CIOS’ logo represents "the three directions", as we like to call it, the directions in which we are involved in and the reasons for which each of us takes action in the social, economic and environmental sphere.
Within the research field, the main objective was and is the development, to the highest standards, of projects / programs of national and international interest, in the following areas of interest: nutrition, climate changes, circular economy, intelligent solutions for life and sustainable development.


The mission of the Center for Innovation and Organizational Sustainability - CIOS is to mobilize individuals, organizations and institutions within the process of building a sustainable society, through the life of ecosystems’ development on our planet, under the influence of three pillars: social, economic and environmental one.

Our slogan: Commitment for sustainable future !

Our strategy: creating capacities oriented to the learning organizations.

CIOS’ mission: to carry out activities for the promotion and for the sustainable development of the economy, at local, regional, national and international levels.
To fulfill its purpose, CIOS commits itself to the following objectives:
• Promotion of sustainable development and of equal opportunities;
• Promotion of social economy;
• Protection of the environment;
• Protection and preservation of cultural heritage;
• Supporting human values and promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
• Promotion of innovation, technology transfer and know-how, through stimulating and strengthening the link between business, on one side and academia, research and technological environment, on the other side;
• Promotion of organizational culture, stimulation of entrepreneurship, of teamwork and of the concern for quality, with the aim to increase productivity and competitiveness;
• Improvement of entrepreneurial / management skills of the managers and employees from SMEs and large companies, with the purpose to initiate independent and innovative activities, to develop the enterprises and to create new jobs.
The Center for Innovation and Organizational Sustainability is constituted according to the Government Ordinance no.26 / 2000 regarding the associations and foundations, with the following amendments and completions.
CIOS is an active organization, involved in the initiatives launched at local level, with regard to the development of the economic, social and natural environment, giving special attention to youth, as a resource for community development.